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A number of support options are available with the purchase of a Train Load Predictor™ license, from full training and support packages to ‘as required’ support only for advanced users. Automatic updates to new version are included with many support packages and we work closely with our user's community to make sure the version updates are aligned with their needs.


Train Load Predictor™ has been designed to lead the user through the process of setting up and installing the required data then performing the analysis. With the right data in place, it is a matter of minutes before the user can conduct analysis of different timetabling options. However, in some circumstances clients chose to use trained Lunarr staff to setup the background data to save time and to maximise the accuracy of the output.

This can include:

  • Obtaining the required data
  • Calibrating the model

Lunarr' skilled staff can assist you with either or both of these tasks. In particular, it can be time consuming to obtain an accurate calibration if you are not experienced at calibrating large transport models. Lunarr can conduct this task for you, at a fixed no-risk cost. With this option you can focus your attention on the main task of planning the rail or bus network.


Lunarr can also perform an evaluation of a new timetable using Train Load Predictor™. There are substantial risks when releasing a new timetable, including the risk of excessive over-crowding on some services, and the risk that passengers at some stations will complain about the length of time they have to wait for a train. A timetable evaluation using Train Load Predictor™, carried out by experienced Lunarr staff, can measure benefits, mitigate risks and allay fears, knowing that the passenger impacts of the timetable have been thoroughly investigated by professionals in this field before the timetable goes live.